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This emergency and critical care review seminar is for emergency and critical care nurses who provide urgent and emergent nursing care to pediatric patients and their families. This review program is designed to give the participant easy ways to remember important tips & tricks pertaining to pediatric emergency care. Any nurse, medic, or RT that wants to be more fully prepared for pediatric emergencies should attend this review program. The instructor, Scott DeBoer, has entertaining and helpful videos, real-life case studies, and a unique game show style review session that is sure to leave attendees feeling more confident in their pediatric skills! (Military and group discounts available - email us!)


  • Scott DeBoer

    Scott DeBoer


    Scott DeBoer RN, MSN, CEN, CCRN, CFRN, CPEN, EMT-P, is an international pediatric seminar leader and nurse consultant with over 25 years of nursing experience. He has been presenting to tens of thousands of nurse, medics and RTs around the world for over 20 years. In addition to his extensive training in emergency, critical care, and flight nursing. Scott has co-authored over 100 medical articles for nurses, paramedics, and respiratory therapists, written 7 emergency medical books including the very first CPEN Review book in 2010. His "Putting It All Together" CPEN Review book is now in its 3rd edition and includes over 1000 emergency review questions. Scott created this emergency and critical care review seminar for both intermediate and advanced practitioners alike. Designed to help those wanting to improve their knowledge of peds as well as help individuals wanting to PASS the CPEN Exam. Scott's relaxed teaching style, along with his personal experiences, and use of humor will have attendees laughing as they learn.

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    Respiratory Emergencies
    • Welcome - Full Course Handout
    • Respiratory Emergencies
    • Respiratory Handout
    • Respiratory Quiz
  • 2
    Cardiovascular Emergencies
    • Cardiovascular Emergencies
    • Cardiovascular Handout
    • Cardiovascular Quiz
  • 3
    Neuro & Psychiatric Nightmares
    • Neuro & Psychiatric Nightmares
    • Nero & Psychiatric Handout
    • Nero & Psychiatric Quiz
  • 4
    Environmental Emergencies
    • Environmental Emergencies
    • Environmental Handout
    • Environmental Quiz
  • 5
    Abdominal & Endocrine Emergencies
    • Abdominal & Endocrine Emergencies
    • Abdominal & Endocrine Handout
    • Abdominal & Endocrine Quiz
  • 6
    Ortho & Pain Management
    • Ortho & Pain Management
    • Ortho & Pain Handout
    • Ortho & Pain Quiz
  • 7
    Miscellaneous Medical
    • Miscellaneous Medical
    • Miscellaneous Medical Handout
    • Miscellaneous Medical Quiz
  • 8
    Pediatric Pearls & Jeopardy Jewels!
    • Pediatric Pearls & Jeopardy Jewels!
    • Pediatric Pearls & Jeopardy Jewels Handout
    • Final Test
    • Full CPEN Course Handout

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